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One word to describe our experience "superlative"! Santa Tom came by our restaurant while visiting a group outside on our patio. He asked if it would be ok to walk around our dining room and say Merry Christmas to our guest. Santa Tom took extra time and really cared to speak with our guest; especially the little ones. There was a family with a special needs daughter and to see him interact with her was truly something magical. We have been a family owned and operated restaurant since 1986. I would not give it a second thought to have him come by again. It was truly an amazing experience.

5 Star Rating

Nick Love

Penfold's Cafe- Website Review

Thank you Santa Tom T for making our Christmas party a great success! You have a very special heart and we appreciated all you did for our kids!

Taleen Khatchadourian

Armenian Autism Outreach

He has the complete look and personality for a perfect Santa Claus!

Vicki G - Facebook

Yes very professional, the kids and adults were very impressed.

Donna - Facebook

We had Santa Tom Friday night after Thanksgiving. He was absolutely wonderful. Very interactive with the children and all our customers. Even when it was slow he found a way to stay involved by waving by the street at the  children in their cars. Great Santa suit. Very professional. We loved him! Oh! And Mrs. Claus was the very best too!!!


Grizzly Cafe

Santa Tom is amazing. My granddaughters and my family loved having him at our Christmas party.

Vicki H - Facebook

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